FluidPro Mixing Systems

Here at FluidPro, we have recently designed and completed manufacture of three fully automated mixing vessels for one of our valued food manufacturers in Sydney.

Our innovative technology means that each one of these mixing vessels consist of a control board to control variables such as product temperature inside the vessel, agitator speed, as well as safety system reset and emergency stop,  all designed to comply with  Australian standards. The agitator is manufactured to food grade surface finish with the shaft and propeller having all welds polished out. Each tank is insulated to ensure that the outside surfaces of the tank do not become hot, reducing the risk of burns and injury to production workers. Along with this, tanks are jacketed with the built-in pump circulating hot/cold water around the tank to heat or cool product. Also with safety in mind, the hinged lids on each tank have been designed to allow production workers to view the mixing process, with additional grate hinged lids to protect from any injury. When the grate hinged lids are lifted, safety switches have been installed to immediately stop the agitator from operating.

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